Lincoln Birthplace Monument

Abraham Lincoln’s Early Childhood in Alternate Spectra

The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park in Kentucky is built on the property where Abraham Lincoln was, well, born. He wasn’t here long before his family was evicted through no fault of their own, other than the guy who sold them the land did not actually own it himself. They moved ten miles north, where Lincoln lived until he was seven. That site is also owned by the park service as of not all that long ago. Another landownership dispute caught them there, and Father Lincoln moved the family out of the Kentucky legal morass to Indiana.

The featured image is the birthplace monument. Inside the monument is a cabin. Once thought to be the actual Lincoln cabin, it’s not, but it’s close. Right location, wrong cabin. It’s kinda like (or in the park face-saving vernacular, “symbolic of”) the cabin that would have been there if the cabin were still there. Interestingly, among the names of the committee that organized the monument construction, carved into the back, is a certain Samuel Clemens.

Here is an alternate spectrum shot of the fields that were part of the property of the boyhood home, ten miles north of the birthplace. This field was never developed; unlike the cabin of his birth, it’s just as it was in Lincoln’s day.

Fields of Lincoln Boyhood Home

Fields of Lincoln Boyhood Home

I had the Fuji IS Pro UVIR full spectrum camera with a 590nm pass filter that gives vegetation a golden cast and the sky a blue cast. The stone seems to really want to pick up the sky on sunny days, and I can’t quite get a more pleasing stone color without turning the sky gray at the same time. Seems like stone may actually photograph better in infrared when shaded. The lens here is the Nikkor 18-55mm AF-S DX, a cheap lens but sharp, and as an added bonus it has no have infrared hotspots.

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