Allegheny Front in infrared

Allegheny Front IR

Allegheny Front IR Click to see this image at Flickr, larger, higher resolution versions that have not been butchered by WordPress’ el crappo compression algorithm.

This is the view from the Allegheny Front hawk watch, looking northeast over Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Taken with a 720nm modified Nikon D70, with what turns out to be a very dirty sensor. I bought it used and it shows. Hopefully I healed them all, but every time I look I see more.

I am experimenting with a new handling of photographs in blog posts. I was hot linking for a while from my photo stream at flickr because WordPress image compressing makes them look like crap, which is annoying. Unfortunately but that hotlink seems to break over time, which is also annoying. So, I’m just thumbnailing the link to flickr for those who want to a higher res or larger size.