Blue Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

Still waiting for the Snow Trillium to bloom. The patch I am watching has 30 buds ready to go, but as of today, only two look like they have petals beginning to part. In the meantime, near that patch there are some blue hyacinths that bloom early. I don’t know the variety at the moment. It’s not a variety that I have seen other places. They are not native, but rather someone’s helpful contribution. Not really helpful, though, since they do not belong to the local ecology, but they are a pleasant spring surprise with which to entertain oneself while waiting for the slight more timid Snow Trillium to do its thing.

This was taken with a Nikon D90, and the best cheap Nikon macro lens, the Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF f/2.8. This one happens to be the early and much less common “D”-less model, but the f/2.8D upgraded version was made for a decade at least. I used a Nikon Speedlight SB-600, dialed down three stops and diffused, to light the flower subtly. ISO 200, 1/60 sec.

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