Something from the archives for you. This was a handheld long exposure. I did not have a tripod that day. I was finding rocks and anything I could to brace on. I had lots of fails, but this one caught my eye as an interesting mistake. It has an impressionist flair, don’t you think? Photo […]

Green Frog, Rana clamitans

Very Green Green Frog

Green frog. No, not just a green frog, a very green Green Frog. Species Rana clamitans. This male is in fine breeding color. Males have a yellow throat as well as a large tympanum, about twice the size of the eye. Females lack the green throat and have a smaller tympanum. The green in this […]

Shocking White Coneflower (yellow coneflower, red filter applied)

Shocking White Coneflower

    This is a yellow coneflower with  red filter applied in Aperture (R.I.P. Aperture, we hardly knew ye), and a few other tweaks. No real lesson here, it just looks cool. Related articles Coneflower with Visitor Black-eyed Daisy Smooth Oxeye, Red Filter Infrared Hawk Watch

Honeybee on Common Milkweed

Honeybee on Milkweed

A honeybee harvests nectar from common milkweed in the evening sun. Note the small orange object attached to the front foot of the bee. That little packet contains milkweed pollen. Milkweed flowers are designed with a slit to trap the bee’s foot temporarily. If the flower has not been visited yet, the little orange pollen […]

Palm Trunk

Palm Tree Trunk, Sharp

As a miserly photographer, I very much appreciate the generosity of others. One particularly generous person I have learned to rely on is Gavin Seim and his http://seimeffects.com presets for Aperture and other platforms. SEIM generously offers samples of his presets. I particularly find his black and white presets to be very helpful. Nik software […]

McConnell's Mill in false color infrared

Blue Mill

McConnell’s Mill in 720nm Infrared. I am experimenting with desaturating the stone and wood. The color cast in these infrared shots can be difficult to deal with, especially when there’s not a deep contrast between different elements. The partly cloudy sky here flattened the light, casting everything blue. Well, blue after a channel swap. I […]