Cloud Lightning

Lightning, Take One

This may not impress you, but for me it is a first. It is the first time I have captured a lightning bolt in a photograph. It was on a handheld iPod touch 5th generation, the ┬ácamera I happened to have with me when this thunderstorm went by. The best strategy was to fire in […]

Mammoth Cave, Rotunda, Historical TOur

Mammoth Cave

I went into Mammoth Cave with one lens, no tripod and no flash. The one lens was the Tokina 11-15mm ultra wide angle lens. I set the ISO to 6400, as high as it would go; left the aperture wide open at f/2.8, set the focus manually on infinity, and the focal length to the […]


Kentucky Horse Park

Horse photographs! It was a very pleasant day, cooler than it’s been all summer, so the horses and staff were in good humor. First up is a Gypsy Horse, a solid, versatile breed developed by the Romani people of Europe. Relatively recently recognized as a breed. He had flags on his ankles like a Clydesdale.

Barrels of fermenting bourbon in the warehouse

Sleeping Bourbon

Bourbon sleeps in charred oak barrels at the John Burton distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. We had a fascinating, free tour of the facility. The distillery was on summer break so no brewing was active, but we saw all the equipment. Production was active in the warehouse, though, where the whisky was busy aging. It will […]