Rosie in the Turkey Box

Caterday: Rosie the Young and Tender

Happy Caterday! Sometimes you have to go with what you have. This photo of Rosie is not as sharp as I would like. I was actually playing with my Fuji IS Pro UVIR camera, with a 720nm IR filter on top, taking random shots of the neighborhood from the front door. Rosie suddenly insisted on a photo op of her own. This camera rig with the IR filter in place is difficult to focus. The auto-focus is not reliable. The viewfinder is black with the filter in place. Today I was working on focusing using Live View. In Live View, the view screen on the back actually shows what the camera sees, even with the IR filter in place. At least you can compose. But focus is manual and the screen tiny, so focus is a bit of a crapshoot. I did not have much time. Rosie generously offered herself, but such things are very spontaneous and short-lived. I should have upped the aperture for more depth of field, or maybe bracketed the focus to hedge bets, but sometimes you have to go with what you have.

The lens was the Nikon 70-300mm AF-S ED VR because I was playing around with other subjects at the time. ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/160 sec, 70mm focal length.