Carolina Wren

Good Morning

Carolina wren fluffed in the morning light

Carolina Wren

Dragonfly resting in morning light

Blue Flag iris in morning light

Blue Flag

Yellow composite in morning light

Field Hawkweed

It was a good morning for a photography excursion. Better than this afternoon will be, when the head and humidity rise. A sunny morning is a good time for animal photography, too. The birds are out seeking breakfast. The insects are out, but still slow from the night. They can be more easily photographed as they warm in the sun. It was a good day to have two lenses, too. I used both a telephoto and a macro. I often just pick one lens, then discipline myself to see the world just for that lens. This saves the mental anguish of trying to decide which lens I am shooting for, not to mention the time and risk of switching a lens. However, when there are insects about, I like the telephoto/macro combination. The telephoto is good for skittish insects, and any larger animals. But in the morning, it’s not unusual to stumble across a more cooperative insect that is active, but still somewhat slow due to the morning chill. For that you want macro.

Today’s camera was a Nikon D90. The lenses were Nikkor 70-300mm AF-S VR ED, and Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF. Post-processing was in Nikon ViewNX, which I don’t use often. I will say that while it does not have the level of control of Aperture, the tools it does have are sufficient for the usual adjustments.

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