green and white ice

Green and White Ice

Next up in our gallery we have an abstract of ice. The greenish cast is from algae growing on the wall beneath the ice. This photograph was taken with a Nikon D90, the 18-55 VR kit lens, and the D90 on-board flash.

Winter is a challenging time to photograph. Color is difficult to find; fingers get cold, lenses fog. And to top it off, the brilliant whites and hints of blue that are visible to the naked eye in the snow tend to return uninspiring flat grays in the camera. Part of that is my fault–it was a sunny day but by the time I got out the sun disappeared behind the horizon, and with it color and definition. Even so, our one picture a day project is very much a lemonade from lemons project. No matter when or where I pull out the camera, I’m determined to come up with something interesting.

By the way, in case something hits you as odd, I rotated the picture 90 degrees because I like it better that way.