Hartwood Mansion Dome, false color infrared

Hartwood Mansion in False Color

I visited Hartwood Mansion today with a #25 Red Tiffen Filter on a Fuji IS Pro UVIR full-spectrum camera. Hartwood mansion is at Hartwood Acres, a county park in northern Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. I have not spent much time at the mansion before, certainly not to photograph it. Post-processing for false-color was done with a combination of Gimp for white-balance and channel swapping, followed by fine-tuning in Aperture, Perspective was adjusted with PTLens for several images; all those right angles and straight lines in the stonework really make any lens distortions or perspective imperfections stand out. The first image is of a fabric building of some sort, either an entertainment pavilion or a utility building. It looks like it’s been hit by a meteor. I went with a bold false-color just for fun.

Hartwood Mansion Front Door

Hartwood Mansion Front Door

The front door of the mansion. I did not use Gimp white balancing or channel-swapping here. I worked directly with the jpeg (Aperture will not read Fuji’s version of RAW in this model camera. Apple’s too busy tweaking iPhones.) The carved stone shows very nice relief here.

Hartwood Mansion Roof

Hartwood Mansion Roof

Another Gimp-less piece, based on Mono X by SEIM preset.

Hartwood Mansion Fire Hydrant Cover

Hartwood Mansion Fire Hydrant Cover

I was taken by this fire hydrant cover that looks very much like a grave stone for said hydrant. RIP.

Hartwood Mansion ghostly door

Hartwood Mansion

The light spilling in from the sides contrasts with the dark wooden door. It reminds me of a ghost hunter’s photograph from a European castle.

Hartwood Mansion Ivy WIndow, false color IR

Hartwood Mansion Ivy WIndow

Hartwood Mansion Flowerpot Tree false color IR

Hartwood Mansion Flowerpot Tree

Hartwood Mansion Fire Pots false color infrared

Hartwood Mansion Fire Pots

Finally, a trio of false-color foliiage shots showcasing the abilties of a #25 “Goldie” red filter with an infrared-sensitive camera. My favorite is the urns of red foliage. I used the Color tool to change the hue from yellow to red, suggesting flames.