Mountaintop view at the Hawk Watch in false color

Infrared Hawk Watch

The view from the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is worth the trip whether you see hawks or not, especially on a perfect day like this one. Taken with a Fuji IS Pro UVIR DSLR. The camera is discontinued, but can still be purchased on Amazon at the moment. This was taken with a 590nm “Goldie” IR-pass filter. I like this filter because I can still see through the lens to compose; stronger IR filters are not easy to see through.

I process these by importing the Fuji RAW file via ufraw in Gimp. I switch the red and blue channels. Then I send it back to Aperture as a TIF where I tweak the colors to something eye-catching. I do find myself fighting the camera for proper focus (a common issue with infrared photography), so this is as big of an image size as I dare show you. Image taken in September.

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