barn restored as a program center

Red Barn Restored

This century-old red barn has been moved and restored to become an educational facility. The photograph is taken late in the evening, just before sunset. A bit of the partly cloudy sunset can be seen in the windows. The clouds interfered with the warm light of the setting sun. However, the porch lights happened to provide some of the same glow, especially after boosting orange in the Color brick. It all adds up to an interesting mingling of light and color around the barn.

I tried a few lesser-used (for me) post-processing tricks. This image was taken at 11mm with a Tokina 11-16mm AF lens on a Nikon D90. After the usual enhancements in Aperture, I adjusted the perspective in PTLens. PTLens really shines with this ultrawide angle lens. After correction, I returned to Aperture. Thanks to the perspective correction, the crop came in tight, and even cut into the image in the lower corners. (I need to make a mental note to leave more room on the sides when I expect significant perspective correction.) I have not used the clone tool often, but here I needed it to cover the black corners after the crop. To further hide the repair, I added some vignetting.