Snowflakes: Something from Nothing

I admit I’ve pretty much got nothing here. It just was not a good day to concentrate on a photograph. The weather was awful. I had very little time at home for inside photography. Time was running out on the One Picture a Day personal challenge. I did try, however. As I was running to my car after work, I took the camera out with me. I fired a few shots as I went, hoping for some last minute discovery. I did have snowflakes on the mind, so there was some measure of a plan, just not much time for execution. I thought I had something when I found snowflakes on the car. When I sat down to check the results, this image was the best of them. And that was not saying much. The focus is poor; composition inscrutable. Desperately I opened Aperture to attempt to make something out of it. I converted to black and white. Played with the sliders. And out came this.  If nothing else, you do find yourself looking around at the snowflakes, trying to determine where exactly this photograph is going. I might, if my life were on the line, hang this on the wall at an art show. Title it “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” or some such. And wait for the offers to come in.

Oddly enough, this was taken with a Fuji IS Pro UVIR camera unfiltered. I was not particularly looking for a full-spectrum image. I was in a hurry, and it had the lens that would most likely work for snowflakes. The lens was our best cheap macro, the Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF f/2.8. With such a gray day, the full-spectrum sensitivity did not have much of an effect on the image. Licensing is available.