Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

We’re celebrating in our household; the kids have just finished a particularly arduous end to the semester. So arduous that guitar time was restricted to prevent diversion from the tasks assigned, if you know what I’m saying. That behind us, it was time to pick up the music once again. Here my son demonstrates some […]

Pine Hollow Falls

Pine Hollow Falls in Winter

Back to black and white with this winter scene. We continue to explore post-processing to black and white. We photograph in RAW. In Aperture, we desaturate. The in the Curves brick, we pull the red curve north, the blue curve south. We desaturate again, using the Saturation brush applied to the entire photograph. Then we play […]

Letter Jumble

Moveable Type

Curious things we collect. Here’s a jumble of obsolete typography printing letters. They have a name, can’t think of it right now. These were retrieved from a purge of these things at a high school in the 1990s. We have a printer’s drawer the would have held these, too. Amazing how something that was the […]

Slate Roof in black and white

Shades of Grey: Slate Roof

Black and white gurus on the net say that grey days are good days for black and white photography. The even light is good for capturing textures, dimensions, shapes and shades of grey. So, that’s what I did for today’s One Picture a Day. What could be better for exploring shades of grey than a […]

Riding helmet, hanging upsidedown on a barn wall with nest isn

Nested Helmet

This “abandoned” helmet wasn’t so abandoned. I found it hanging in a mostly abandoned barn. Whatever the helmet was used to ride on was no longer present. However, something had made good use of it. I do not know for sure who the new tenant was. The Carolina Wren is known for creative nesting locations, […]

Rainbow spectrum on wall

Rainbow on the Wall

We play around with “rainbows” for our One Picture a Day today. This spectrum was cast on the living room wall by sunlight coming through the beveled edges of decorative glass in our front door. These delightful sprites appear on sunny afternoons in our living room. On the wall and for the original image, the center […]