Snow Trillium, infrared

Snow Trillium Infrared

The Snow Trillium (Trillium nivale) captures our attention once more, this time in infrared. The flowers at this patch are in peak bloom at the moment. It will not last forever. Many other flowers are beginning to sprout in this sudden spring. The snow trillium blossoms will fade, and other colorful suitors will distract the […]

Wood grain texture

Wood Grain

The wood grain is not perfect, and I know it. I enjoy the look of wood grain veneers.┬áThe shelf this is from has been around a long time. The scratches are now as much a part of the piece as the original finish. The camera was a Nikon D90; the lens, the best cheap Nikon […]

Blue Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

Still waiting for the Snow Trillium to bloom. The patch I am watching has 30 buds ready to go, but as of today, only two look like they have petals beginning to part. In the meantime, near that patch there are some blue hyacinths that bloom early. I don’t know the variety at the moment. […]

Three Boxes

Shadow Box Three

For the last several days, I have been photographing items in a shadow box, actually an old printer’s drawer. Today we finish the series with three at once, plus a single of a glass perfume bottle. I have featured the Sweet Pea perfume bottle in a recent post. Today’s three boxes include the bottle as […]

Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel

It worked well yesterday, so let’s try it again. I returned to the shadow box (printer’s drawer) today with different subject. I really like how yesterday’s jaw harp in the shadow box turned out. This time I placed a flint and steel in the box. I left the same settings on the camera. I lifted […]

Woodland Boardwalk

Low Bridge

How low can you go? We go low on this woodland boardwalk. We also go black and white on this gray, very ungreen early spring day. To take the picture I used a Manfrotto tripod with the central pillar replaced upside down. The camera dangled upside down between the tripod legs, an inch or two […]

Yellow Crocus at Sunset

Crocus at Sunset

Unseasonable weather continues, but the yellow crocus is not impressed. It is keeping things to itself however. Only the absolute minimum opening is present. I caught this crocus in the setting sun. The sun has shone from time to time this week, though it tended to scoot behind the clouds when I got my camera […]