Snow Trillium, infrared

Snow Trillium Infrared

The Snow Trillium (Trillium nivale) captures our attention once more, this time in infrared. The flowers at this patch are in peak bloom at the moment. It will not last forever. Many other flowers are beginning to sprout in this sudden spring. The snow trillium blossoms will fade, and other colorful suitors will distract the […]

Snow Trillium

Snow Trillium Telephoto

The weather finally broke into the 50s today. The Snow Trillium has responded exuberantly after a long, long holding period. Tonight the temperatures are dipping into the 20s once more. But the snow trillium will be fine; many spring ephemerals, especially the early risers, have a built-in antifreeze quality to their tissues. These trillium have […]