Marigold UV (false color)

Marigold UV

Today’s weird colors brought to you by ulraviolet light. I captured ordinary yellow marigolds from the garden with an ultraviolet band-pass filter on the Fuji IS Pro UVIR full-spectrum camera. I did not get any hidden patterns from nectar guides. That left things to choosing an interesting false-color scheme. Using auto white-balance in either Aperture […]

Marsh Marigold Cluster UV

Marsh Marigold Ultraviolet

I continue to work on my ultraviolet photography technique with a visit to marsh marigolds. Marsh marigolds were my first “successful” ultraviolet subject last year when I first tried my equipment. Marsh marigolds display very prominent nectar guides in UV. This time around I feel I have a better handle on taking such photographs. The […]

Dandelion, two images, left normal, right shows contrasting center visible only in ultraviolet light Dandelion, taken with a full spectrum camera unfiltered on left, filtered with a UV-pass filter on right

Ultraviolet Dandelion

Spring has finally progressed far along enough that I have some subjects for my ultraviolet-sensitive camera. Many flowers have ultraviolet (UV)┬ánectar guides. Nectar guides are patterns on the flower petals that are only visible to animals that can detect ultraviolet light with their eyes, typically pollinating insects. The darker sections tend to be in the […]