Cloud Lightning

Lightning, Take One

This may not impress you, but for me it is a first. It is the first time I have captured a lightning bolt in a photograph. It was on a handheld iPod touch 5th generation, the ┬ácamera I happened to have with me when this thunderstorm went by. The best strategy was to fire in […]

Mountain Fog

Mountain Fog

This image really needs film. I’m finding my computer screen wants to apply a discolored banding to the foggier area at the top. Bleh. On film this image would shine, I think. I like this image because of the way the trees seem to take on the aspect of billowing smoke or perhaps the wall […]

Cloud Man with Visor of Light

Cloud Man

I lifted my eyes to the clouds. Approaching thunderstorms made for interesting lighting effects. This one has a touch of anthropomorphism. He’s wearing a glowing visor, and he has a beard. Related articles I’m not a priest nor do I have Painting of the Super Moon behind clouds She knows her place Sun Circle Starry […]