Cloud Lightning

Lightning, Take One

This may not impress you, but for me it is a first. It is the first time I have captured a lightning bolt in a photograph. It was on a handheld iPod touch 5th generation, the ┬ácamera I happened to have with me when this thunderstorm went by. The best strategy was to fire in […]

Pinewood Derby car shaped like an acoustic guitar

Pinewood Derby Guitar Car

This is a bit of a vanity post. This Pinewood Derby car is a car I built for a “Dad’s Category” in a Pinewood Derby race that my kids also raced in several years ago. I thought it was pretty innovative, though I have seen many “guitar cars” since then. However, I have mostly seen […]

Shark Eye Shell

Shark Eye Moon Rise

A Shark Eye shell is in the spotlight. Shark eye is a type of moon snail. Moon snails are predatory snails that live along the Atlantic coast. The snail feeds on bivalves like clams and scallops. It drills a neat, round hole to access the animal within the shell. Bivalve shells with these holes are […]