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Photomiser is my personal photoblog. I feature “pro-sumer” Nikon gear on a budget, if that makes sense. Photomiser.com is the quest for the best values in Nikon DLSR cameras, lenses and equipment. My goal is to cover the widest range of photographic utility with the least amount of money spent, new or used, without sacrificing quality.

Another  goal of this website was to publish a new image every day for one year, taken with the equipment featured. Our One Picture a Day project began January 1, 2013 and completed December 31, 2013. By interacting with my equipment every day, I hope to become more familiar with that equipment, and a better photographer. I have scaled back the posting frequency since then, but I still post when I have an image I want to share.

This miserly photography is not bare-bones photography. I do buy equipment.  But I want to get as much bang-for-the-buck as I can. I only directly recommend equipment I have personally used. I research things I have not used, but I don’t pretend to offer authoritative opinions on equipment I have not handled.

Unless otherwise stated, all text and photographs on this website are written, created and copyrighted by Scott Detwiler. All rights reserved. Most images on this website are available for purchase in high-resolution versions. Contact us for availability and terms.

This site has affiliate links and advertising. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to email me with your comments and questions.

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