Stone angel in cemetery


Our one photo a day has been on hiatus. After a solid year of publishing one new photo every day, I have been taking a break. It’s more like one photo a week or less at the moment. Here’s a prayer that the muse will return. Taken with the latest lens acquisition, a Rokinon 8mm […]

Monarch on Joe Pye Wee

Hope for the Future

I have chosen a shot from the archives for this last post of the year. (Today’s One Picture a Day is posted elsewhere illustrating an eBay auction.) This was taken in the summer of 2012. The monarch butterflies were a routine sight that summer. This summer was another story; the monarchs were nowhere. I saw […]

North Park Boat House Rokinon 8mm, uncorrected

North Park Bloat House

We’re trying the new Rikinon 8mm Fish-eye on architecture. North Park Boat House has been an object of wide angle experimentation several times this year. Here’s the same image, but corrected via PTLens (left). I have the relevant sliders pegged to maximum, and still some distortion remains, but it’s pretty close. For comparison, the second […]

Sox the Cat mans his hallway intersection watch post

Watchman at His Post

Sox the cat prefers to keep his eye on at least two vectors at once. Here he’s at the intersection of the kitchen and the hallway. His field of view is captured by the Rokinon 8mm. It’s supposedly a fish-eye, but it really seems to be more a hybrid between fish-eye and an ultra wide […]