Brown Pelican and his shadow

Brown Pelican and His Shadow

As is customary, the brown pelicans were literally at their posts at the boat ramp on Tarpon Bay, Sanibel Island, Florida. These two had a habit of doing the same thing at the same time, albeit in different directions at this moment on a fine April evening. They were on posts about 20 feet apart. […]

Sparrow in the morning light, feathers ruffled

Ruffled Sparrow

Lots of  birds this morning, few in camera range. This sparrow lingered in the morning sun…and a bit of a give me something to work with. I am not sure of the species. I think it might be the same immature white-throated sparrow I saw in nearly this same location a few days ago. […]

Raccoon Sunshine

Raccoon Sunbath

A raccoon warms his backside in the top of a broken tree. He’s about 40 feet off the ground here. This tree has been a home to raccoons for at least several years. This fall in particular they have made several appearances on their “front porch.” Image taken in mid November.

Witch hazel bloom

Last Bloom

Witch hazel blooms close out the flowering season. Image taken in November.  Nikkor 70-300mm AF-S ED VR. Another case where a telephoto comes in handy for wildflower photography.