Red scallop

Red Scallop

Back to the shell collection, lit with a strong LED flashlight. This is an Atlantic Calico Scallop, Argopecten gibbus, a common, colorful shell frequently found on Atlantic beaches. I’ve used the LED flashlight technique several times; see the recent posts below. This image was taken with a Nikon D90 and a Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF f/2.8, handheld. […]

Sweet Pea perfume

Sweet Pea Perfume Select

This photo is an homage to a keepsake I have had for many years. It is an empty perfume bottle from my grandmother’s effects after she died in my childhood. Judging from the label, it was not an expensive brand. Nor is the bottle likely to be of particular value. But it’s important to me. […]

Letter Jumble

Moveable Type

Curious things we collect. Here’s a jumble of obsolete typography printing letters. They have a name, can’t think of it right now. These were retrieved from a purge of these things at a high school in the 1990s. We have a printer’s drawer the would have held these, too. Amazing how something that was the […]

Shark Eye Shell

Shark Eye Moon Rise

A Shark Eye shell is in the spotlight. Shark eye is a type of moon snail. Moon snails are predatory snails that live along the Atlantic coast. The snail feeds on bivalves like clams and scallops. It drills a neat, round hole to access the animal within the shell. Bivalve shells with these holes are […]

Light Bulb, lit, in a hand

Light Bulb

Alrighty, then. Not really sure where I was going with this one. It was 11:30 pm and I had not taken my One Picture a Day, is the only explanation on I can offer. It’s a light bulb, lit, and held in a bare hand. Actually, it is being held in front of a bright […]