Viceroy Butterfly hangs like a leaf

Viceroy the Leaf

At first glance, this may appear to be the last colorful autumn leaf clinging to a branch. Actually, it is a Viceroy Butterfly clinging to a willow limb that has been stripped of its foliage. This particular willow is very popular with caterpillars of several kinds. Every late summer it gets denuded; it seems like […]

tattered butterfly clings to fingertips

Last Sip

I discovered this tiger swallowtail butterfly struggling in the tall grass. He was pretty tattered. I boosted him up to an ironweed bloom for a meal. He immediately began drinking nectar from the flowers, pictured below. Hopefully my random act of kindness will buy him a little more time to a very brief life. Pardon […]

Bee in Gentian

Closed Gentian Open

There are some that dismiss a dedicated macro lens. Oh, they say, you’ll take pictures of a few bugs and a few flowers, then it will sit in your bag. Personally, I can’t get enough of macro photography. I do get in a rut from time to time, when I realize I’ve already photographed this […]

Moth on a brick wall lit by porchlight

Moth Wall

The one-picture-a-day challenge lives on. Some days are easier that others. Today, not so much, being very busy preparing for vacation. One goal of the challenge is just to get a camera out and take something, sometimes anything. One never knows when the golden shot that puts the kids through college might pop up. I […]

Wheel Bug (Arilus cristatus)

Wheel Bug and Dinner Guests

The wheel bug is an impressively large 1-1/2 inch true bug. Note how the wings form a V shape on the back, characteristic if Hempitera, the true bug order of insects. I found several hanging out on blackberry bushes today. These bugs are predators; their sharp proboscis penetrates the exoskeleton of their victim. They squirt […]

Spreadwing Damsel

Peeking Damsel

Another old friend makes an appearance at the pond. I have been waiting for the Spread-winged Damselflies to arrive. I first noticed them several years ago here after the pond had been drained and dredged. Dragonfly populations increased significantly after that work. The spread-winged damselfly spreads its wings somewhat like a dragonfly, rather than folding […]