Aphid Farm

Aphid Farming

These ants are tending aphids on a black locust branch. I considered calling this aphid ranching, but the aphids’ primary product is sweet honeydew. So, it’s more like a dairy farm than a cattle ranch.¬†They will eat them, too, though. An interesting factoid with this process is that research indicates that ¬†chemical signals left behind […]

Moth on a brick wall lit by porchlight

Moth Wall

The one-picture-a-day challenge lives on. Some days are easier that others. Today, not so much, being very busy preparing for vacation. One goal of the challenge is just to get a camera out and take something, sometimes anything. One never knows when the golden shot that puts the kids through college might pop up. I […]

Cloudy Hilltop

Cloudy Hilltop

Today’s One Picture a Day was taken with an iPod touch 5th generation, set on HDR. In Aperture I increased the vibrancy and saturation to bring out the clouds, and to add some color interest. I like the scene because of the depth and number of objects. The eye is led to study it for […]