Raccoon Sunshine

Raccoon Sunbath

A raccoon warms his backside in the top of a broken tree. He’s about 40 feet off the ground here. This tree has been a home to raccoons for at least several years. This fall in particular they have made several appearances on their “front porch.” Image taken in mid November.

Eastern Red Bat, Lasiurus borealis

Red Bat at Rest

I discovered this Eastern Red Bat, Lasiurus borealis, roosting at eye-level in a pin oak on a late October day. I though it was a ball of leaves or a large gall at first. The red bat is migratory. It hibernates as well; not in caves, but rather in hollow trees or even in leaf litter. It […]

A doe and her two adolescent fawns

We Are Family

A white-tailed deer doe has been raising her two fawns among the backyards in our neighborhood all summer.  The fawns have lost their spots now. They are nearly full-grown. The mother saw me with my camera, and actually took several steps toward me.  I presume she was keeping herself between me and the youngsters, though […]

Teen Bunny

Rabbit Teen

This won’t impress any professional wildlife photographers. It impresses me, however. It’s one of my personal best rabbit pictures to date.  Just having a chance to fill the frame with a mammal is victory enough. It is cropped some, but not a lot. This is a picture I probably would not have taken without being […]