Full moon partially behind clouds

Exploded View

Yes, another moon shot. But today is the anniversary of the first moon walk, so I post this in honor of Neil Armstrong. Related articles One small step for a man 1968 The Step before the Small Step-Almanac of Absurdities Flashback for 7.20.2013 Old Moon Obligatory Supermoon Shot Starry Moonlit Night

Old Moon

Old Moon

This moon image was produced through post-processing in Aperture. The primary adjustment was to move the lefthand slider in the Levels tool to the far right. There’s a political metaphor in there somewhere.

Super Moon

Obligatory Supermoon Shot

The full moon was up in a clear sky, demanding attention, so I obliged. It’s a super moon, though I am technically nearly a day late. The moon is at its closest approach to earth, and therefore its largest size. It’s really only slightly larger than normal. Any plain old full moon would look about […]


Moon Shot

The interesting part for me here is the detail post-processing pulled out from the original, shown below. In the original most of the moon as blown out. I shot in RAW (or more precisely Nikon’s version of RAW, NEF.) With the Recover, Highlights and especially the Levels tool really pulled out the information present in […]