Staring into your soul

Infrared Self-Portrait

An infrared self-portrait is our One Picture for today. The subject is yours truly. This may be in the had-to-be-there category to appreciate. What makes this photograph personally compelling is that I normally have dark brown eyes. In infrared, the brown disappears. The other thing that really stands out is the pupils. I’m not sure […]

Piano grain

Piano Grain

Wood grain is a very beautiful subject for photography. We have a little acoustic piano that was relatively inexpensive when new. It would generate a scoff from a piano appraiser today. However, they made things better in the old days. Despite the lackluster innards, it has a beautifully finished wood cabinet. Today’s One Picture a […]

Slate Roof in black and white

Shades of Grey: Slate Roof

Black and white gurus on the net say that grey days are good days for black and white photography. The even light is good for capturing textures, dimensions, shapes and shades of grey. So, that’s what I did for today’s One Picture a Day. What could be better for exploring shades of grey than a […]

Light Bulb, lit, in a hand

Light Bulb

Alrighty, then. Not really sure where I was going with this one. It was 11:30 pm and I had not taken my One Picture a Day, is the only explanation on I can offer. It’s a light bulb, lit, and held in a bare hand. Actually, it is being held in front of a bright […]