Stand of dead ashes

Lost Ash

We mourn the loss of our ash trees. They are quickly being destroyed by the emerald ash borer insect. This year in particular the loss is becoming quite evident. The foliage is entirely gone on most of them now; it has taken a few years for the last of the foliage to disappear. Now the […]

Water droplets on red poppy petal

Poppy Rain

I was not sure which version of today’s One Picture a Day to feature, so I have posted them both. The only post-processing difference between the two is the application of Mono X by SEIM preset to create the black and white version. The main post-processing maneuver was to use the Levels tool to increase […]

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

One Picture a Day for today is a very fast shot of a very cold Lake Erie. I hopped out of the car, took the picture, and hopped back in. Today’s schedule didn’t afford time to fuss. In fact, as I write this post, I have not even downloaded it from my camera! I only […]