Bloodroot with blue filter

Bloodroot in Black

I find what a blue filter does to the color yellow to be fascinating. It creates a very striking effect, as in this stand of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis). Bloodroot is just approaching its bloom finish this year. Our early wildflowers are about two weeks late compared to recent years. However, the trillium grandiflorum are catching […]

Last Dark

Last Dark

For the One Picture a Day challenge, not every image is intended as art. Some are simply snapshots, or merely a record of what has consumed my attention. I have a book on my Kindle that has been 35 years in the making, the Last Dark. It is the final book in a series begun […]

Misty pond illuminated by moonlight

Silver Pond

Light from the full moon has turned the misty waters of the pond into a pool of liquid metal. Taken with a Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF on a Nikon D90, propped on a bench, focus on infinity, awesomeness on 11.

Young Aquarium Snail

Snail Fry

This little ramshorn snail is in my aquarium. I have recently had a small population boomlet. I increased the lighting in order to feed my other snails, nerites. The nerites are either old, or too good at cleaning that there is insufficient food, for they are dying. If they increase in lighting does not keep […]

Full moon partially behind clouds

Exploded View

Yes, another moon shot. But today is the anniversary of the first moon walk, so I post this in honor of Neil Armstrong. Related articles One small step for a man 1968 The Step before the Small Step-Almanac of Absurdities Flashback for 7.20.2013 Old Moon Obligatory Supermoon Shot Starry Moonlit Night

Black-eyed Daisy

Black-eyed Daisy

Just a common oxeye daisy, but with a twist. The blue filter effect, among the black-and-white presets in Aperture, does curious things to yellow. It tends to obscure fine details with jet black when applied straight. Playing with the mid-level contrast and the Levels tool brought details back in the center. The¬†Fibonacci number patterns of […]