Star Trail Comets

Star Trail Comets

This star trail photograph is a stack of 58 images. Nikon D90 with a Tokina 11-16mm wide angle set on infinity focus, f/4. Exposure 30 seconds, one second in between. Stacked¬†using StarStax software. I used the “Comet” setting to see what it would do. It is a pleasing effect as a novelty. I used an […]

North Park Boat House Rokinon 8mm, uncorrected

North Park Bloat House

We’re trying the new Rikinon 8mm Fish-eye on architecture. North Park Boat House has been an object of wide angle experimentation several times this year. Here’s the same image, but corrected via PTLens (left). I have the relevant sliders pegged to maximum, and still some distortion remains, but it’s pretty close. For comparison, the second […]

Sox the Cat mans his hallway intersection watch post

Watchman at His Post

Sox the cat prefers to keep his eye on at least two vectors at once. Here he’s at the intersection of the kitchen and the hallway. His field of view is captured by the Rokinon 8mm. It’s supposedly a fish-eye, but it really seems to be more a hybrid between fish-eye and an ultra wide […]

Fall Run's Big Waterfall

Fall Run Waterfalls

Way back last winter, in the early stages of the One Picture a Day challenge, I visited Fall Run. On that day, everything was frozen. Today we are enjoying record warmth. It’s cloudy, but we’ve had lost of rain so the waterfalls are in good shape. I set out today to capture moving water with […]


Tiny Pittsburgh

A Tokina 11-16mm ultra wide angle lens on a Nikon D90 captures a very small big city. While I have been photographing Pittsburgh recently, I have been struck by how colorful the city’s buildings and bridges are. A little enhancement with Aperture brings it out. By the way, for the record, in case it turns […]

White Snakeroot Peak

White Snakeroot

What spring has in quality, fall has in quantity when it comes to wildflowers. The meadow is wall-to-wall with flowers. Most individual flowers are small, even tiny, but there are so many of them. Every blooming plant has hundreds of blossoms. Here on the edges of the meadow, and into the shade of the forest, […]