Autumn Oak Cathedral

Autumn Oak Cathedral (Rokinon Fisheye)

I don’t often use my Rokinon Fisheye, but when I do, it’s awesome. The forest canopy in autumn color is a prime subject. Here we have a northern white oak on the right, and a chestnut oak on the left. I am not excited about the dark trunk on the right, but working a flash with a fisheye is challenging. I went with the dark trunk over the obviously-flash version. As for the lens, I have the later “chipped” version of this lens for Nikon, Rokinon 8mm Ultra Wide F/3.5 Fisheye Lens with Auto Aperture and Auto Exposure Chip for Nikon AE8M-N . It’s not that much more expensive than the non-chip version and it makes it easier to use. Either version is under $300. All you have to do is manual focus, and even that is very forgiving with the deep depth of field on this ultra-wide lens. Camera is the venerable Nikon D90; the Nikon D7100 or the Nikon D7200 are the current equivalents in this feature bracket.