Woodland Boardwalk

Low Bridge

How low can you go? We go low on this woodland boardwalk. We also go black and white on this gray, very ungreen early spring day. To take the picture I used a Manfrotto tripod with the central pillar replaced upside down. The camera dangled upside down between the tripod legs, an inch or two […]

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

We’re celebrating in our household; the kids have just finished a particularly arduous end to the semester. So arduous that guitar time was restricted to prevent diversion from the tasks assigned, if you know what I’m saying. That behind us, it was time to pick up the music once again. Here my son demonstrates some […]

Pine Hollow Falls

Pine Hollow Falls in Winter

Back to black and white with this winter scene.¬†We continue to explore post-processing to black and white. We photograph in RAW. In Aperture, we desaturate. The in the Curves brick, we pull the red curve north, the blue curve south. We desaturate again, using the Saturation brush applied to the entire photograph. Then we play […]