Basketball over the basket in the dark

Night Ball

Experimenting with flash in the dark. The camera is the Nikon D90; the lens is the Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF; the flash is the Nikon SpeedLight SB-600 with an alcohol bottle diffuser. Some days it seems a little silly to have a recycled bottle perched atop nearly two grand in photography equipment (well, two grand when […]

Strawberry Pool

Strawberry Pool

Much needed spring rains arrived today. This strawberry flower stayed open in defiance, and got a snoot full of rainwater out of the experience. You have probably noticed the rather odd highlight in the reflection in the water. That is my flash. I use an alcohol bottle as a diffuser over a Nikon SB-600 SpeedLight. […]

Wood grain texture

Wood Grain

The wood grain is not perfect, and I know it. I enjoy the look of wood grain veneers.┬áThe shelf this is from has been around a long time. The scratches are now as much a part of the piece as the original finish. The camera was a Nikon D90; the lens, the best cheap Nikon […]

Squirrel Foot

Squirrel Foot

A squirrel’s foot clings to a bird feeder. Notice how the top claw is hooked around the wire handle; that is what is doing most of the holding here. This is its rear foot. He is hanging upside down; the furry area behind the foot is eastern gray squirrel’s bushy tail.

Piano grain

Piano Grain

Wood grain is a very beautiful subject for photography. We have a little acoustic piano that was relatively inexpensive when new. It would generate a scoff from a piano appraiser today. However, they made things better in the old days. Despite the lackluster innards, it has a beautifully finished wood cabinet. Today’s One Picture a […]


SB-600: Rosie

It’s not a photoblog without at least one cat (and/or dog.) We made it through 31days of One Picture a Day before we got to the cat. But now her time has come. Rosie is very cooperative for the camera. Her roommate, Sox, has the uncanny ability to close his eyes every time I take […]

American goldfinch with a misaligned wing

Gimpy Goldfinch

An injured American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) that has been frequenting this feeder is the subject of today’s One Picture a Day. Because of the dark wing, I think this is a male, but I am not absolutely sure. I first noticed him about a month ago, in December. He has an apparent injury to his […]