Tiny Pittsburgh

A Tokina 11-16mm ultra wide angle lens on a Nikon D90 captures a very small big city. While I have been photographing Pittsburgh recently, I have been struck by how colorful the city’s buildings and bridges are. A little enhancement with Aperture brings it out. By the way, for the record, in case it turns […]

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

We’re celebrating in our household; the kids have just finished a particularly arduous end to the semester. So arduous that guitar time was restricted to prevent diversion from the tasks assigned, if you know what I’m saying. That behind us, it was time to pick up the music once again. Here my son demonstrates some […]

View from behind pump looking out into the woods

Rusty Pump House

Today’s One Picture a Day is actually a series. I was inspired by this recent post of a visit to an abandoned mill at the Quirk’n It blog. I love old machinery. It’s a window into a bygone era of heavy iron that was reality for generations of our ancestors, but has faded away. Much […]