Goldenrod Field

Goldenrod Field

The goldenrod (Solidago species) is peaking here now. A few whites and purples of other flowers are here and there, but golden yellow is the color to be. I used my Nikkor 70-300mm AF-S VR at 300mm to flatten the perspective. It was taken from a hill overlooking the field. In Aperture I fought with […]

White Snakeroot Peak

White Snakeroot

What spring has in quality, fall has in quantity when it comes to wildflowers. The meadow is wall-to-wall with flowers. Most individual flowers are small, even tiny, but there are so many of them. Every blooming plant has hundreds of blossoms. Here on the edges of the meadow, and into the shade of the forest, […]

tattered butterfly clings to fingertips

Last Sip

I discovered this tiger swallowtail butterfly struggling in the tall grass. He was pretty tattered. I boosted him up to an ironweed bloom for a meal. He immediately began drinking nectar from the flowers, pictured below. Hopefully my random act of kindness will buy him a little more time to a very brief life. Pardon […]

Wingstem stem wings


Wingstem (Verbesina alternifolia) is widespread and in peak bloom locally. It is named for the wings of thin tissue that line the stems. I used the backlight of the evening sun to highlight the wings in the featured photograph. It s not the only fall composite with wings, but the wings tend to be more […]


Young Helianthus

I chose this helianthus sunflower species for today’s One Picture a Day because of the way the center seems to recede into the petals. It has a photoshopped cutout look to my eye, despite that not being the case. The fibionaci pattern is evident as well in that center. The colorful rays have recently emerged […]

Bee in Gentian

Closed Gentian Open

There are some that dismiss a dedicated macro lens. Oh, they say, you’ll take pictures of a few bugs and a few flowers, then it will sit in your bag. Personally, I can’t get enough of macro photography. I do get in a rut from time to time, when I realize I’ve already photographed this […]