Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone

The ruddy turnstone is among my favorite shorebirds because his name is easy to remember. This one is transitioning to his breeding plumage in the light of a Sanibel sunrise. Taken with Nikon D90 and Nikkor 70-300 VR ED.

Brown Pelican and his shadow

Brown Pelican and His Shadow

As is customary, the brown pelicans were literally at their posts at the boat ramp on Tarpon Bay, Sanibel Island, Florida. These two had a habit of doing the same thing at the same time, albeit in different directions at this moment on a fine April evening. They were on posts about 20 feet apart. […]

"Vintage" Bridge

“Vintage” Bridge

A blue filter preset in Aperture gives this West Virginia highway bridge a vintage look. For a higher res version, see flickr. I have corrected the lens barrel distortion in PT Lens. In this version I have also taken the liberty to flip the image horizontally for the sake of composition, leading the eye into […]

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink, Dianthus armeria, lingering after summer has been gone a week. Note the mature anthers, say no more. Image taken with a Micro-nikkor 60mm AF macro lens–an excellent value for miserly photographers. For a higher resolution image, click the Flickr thumbnail or broken image link below. It started as a thumbnail, but flickr sucks at […]

Allegheny Front in infrared

Allegheny Front IR

 Click to see this image at Flickr, larger, higher resolution versions that have not been butchered by WordPress’ el crappo compression algorithm. This is the view from the Allegheny Front hawk watch, looking northeast over Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Taken with a 720nm modified Nikon D70, with what turns out to be a very dirty sensor. […]

Two trees in infrared

Two Trees in 790nm

Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania. Taken with a Nikon 18-55mm AF-S VR on a 720nm modified D70. Post-processed with the channel swap technique. I’ve been here before to take pictures in infrared. Here’s an earlier version from a previous visit, which was taken with a 590nm filter on an IR sensitive camera.