Hulton Bridge, Oakmont, PA

Hulton Bridge

The Hulton Bridge in Oakmont, PA is due for replacement. It’s going to be a year or two yet until everything is done, but who knows when I’ll have another chance to capture it for prosperity before construction alters the view. The images are  false-color infrared, except for one converted to black and white. All […]

Old Stone House, false color IR

Old Stone House in Infrared

I stopped briefly at Old Stone House near Slippery Rock, PA, for a few false color infrared photographs of the exterior. I have passed this place a hundred times in the last 20 years; I finally had a chance to get out of the car! It’s only open weekends in the summer; hopefully in the […]

Garden IR Ultrawide

Goldie Garden

We placed our new Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens on the Fuji IS Pro UVIR full spectrum camera today. I used a Tiffen #25 red filter, which effectively blocks 590nm an below. Full spectrum photographers call this the “Goldie” filter because of what it does to the green foliage in post-processing. The subject is busy, […]

Hartwood Mansion Dome, false color infrared

Hartwood Mansion in False Color

I visited Hartwood Mansion today with a #25 Red Tiffen Filter on a Fuji IS Pro UVIR full-spectrum camera. Hartwood mansion is at Hartwood Acres, a county park in northern Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. I have not spent much time at the mansion before, certainly not to photograph it. Post-processing for false-color was done with a […]

Cemetery Vaults Infrared

Infrared Cemetery

Today’s One Picture project was not intended to be gloomy, but somehow that’s what happens when photographing in cemeteries. Today I wanted to play more with infrared and the FujiFilm IS Pro UVIR DSLR. I went to a cemetery near my house. My intention was to take some shots of the huge old trees there, […]