Garden IR Ultrawide

Goldie Garden

We placed our new Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens on the Fuji IS Pro UVIR full spectrum camera today. I used a Tiffen #25 red filter, which effectively blocks 590nm an below. Full spectrum photographers call this the “Goldie” filter because of what it does to the green foliage in post-processing. The subject is busy, I know, but I wanted a subject that would fill the epic field of view of this ultra wide angle Tokina.

Post processing was my usual steps for infrared false color photography. I opened the RAW (RAF in Fujispeak) file in gimp. I had gimp apply auto-white balance. Then I used gimp to switch the red and blue channels. Moving over to Aperture, I used the Levels brick to increase tonal width. I further color-corrected by choosing a gray point in the Enhance brick. Of all the moves, that last one seems to be the best at making things pop in these false color images. I played with a few other settings in small ways. We end up with a deep blue sky and yellow foliage.

Not an award winner, I don’t think, but a fun project.