Marigold at Night with Spider

Hey! Put Out That Light!

What makes this photograph fun is the story behind it. I was out after dark, looking to keep up my personal One Picture a Day challenge. I had my flash (Nikon SpeedLight SB-600) and my macro lens (Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF; never leave home without it.) The marigolds were a convenient target blooming in my garden. […]


SB-600: Rosie

It’s not a photoblog without at least one cat (and/or dog.) We made it through 31days of One Picture a Day before we got to the cat. But now her time has come. Rosie is very cooperative for the camera. Her roommate, Sox, has the uncanny ability to close his eyes every time I take […]

Best Cheap Nikon Flash: Nikon SB-600

The Nikon D90 DSLR built-in flash is adequate in many cases. Personally, I’d rather work with the existing light wherever possible; it’s more interesting. Even with existing light a little fill-in flash can make a big difference, and the on-board flash is adequate for this. However, the on-board flash has shortcomings.┬áThe onboard flash is too […]