Marigold at Night with Spider

Hey! Put Out That Light!

What makes this photograph fun is the story behind it. I was out after dark, looking to keep up my personal One Picture a Day challenge. I had my flash (Nikon SpeedLight SB-600) and my macro lens (Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF; never leave home without it.) The marigolds were a convenient target blooming in my garden. It was dark, difficult to manual focus, but the auto-focus was working at some distances so I went with it. I fired off a few shots. Checking results later I discovered I had caught a certain spider in the frame, completely unknown to me when photographing. However, judging from his expression, he was watching me the whole time. Expression, you say? He’s facing me, looking the lens right in the eye as if to say,”What the heck are you doing? I’m trying to hunt here! Put out that light!” The featured image is a crop of the original.

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