Allegheny Front in infrared

Allegheny Front IR

 Click to see this image at Flickr, larger, higher resolution versions that have not been butchered by WordPress’ el crappo compression algorithm. This is the view from the Allegheny Front hawk watch, looking northeast over Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Taken with a 720nm modified Nikon D70, with what turns out to be a very dirty sensor. […]

Two trees in infrared

Two Trees in 790nm

Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania. Taken with a Nikon 18-55mm AF-S VR on a 720nm modified D70. Post-processed with the channel swap technique. I’ve been here before to take pictures in infrared. Here’s an earlier version from a previous visit, which was taken with a 590nm filter on an IR sensitive camera.

Artesian well at Jennings Environmental Education Center (a state park), Pennsylvania. False color IR.

Artesian Well in 590nm

This artesian well is at Jennings Environmental Education Center (a state park). The bold blue where the water is hitting the rocks is actually a bright rusty red in real color. This well has a high iron content. It is probably connected to an abandoned deep coal mine nearby. There is an abandoned-mine-drainage treatment system […]

Lily Pads in Infrared

Lily Pads in Infrared

Taken with a Fuji IS-Pro UVIR. 720nm IR pass filter. Post-processed with the red-blue channel swap procedure in Gimp. For a bigger version, see this picture in my Flickr gallery. Related articles Infrared Hawk Watch North Park Boat House IR Revisited Infrared photography with the Hoya R72 Beyond Visible: 100 Years Of Infrared Photographs

Mountaintop view at the Hawk Watch in false color

Infrared Hawk Watch

The view from the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is worth the trip whether you see hawks or not, especially on a perfect day like this one. Taken with a Fuji IS Pro UVIR DSLR. The camera is discontinued, but can still be purchased on Amazon at the moment. This was taken with a 590nm “Goldie” […]

Stand of dead ashes

Lost Ash

We mourn the loss of our ash trees. They are quickly being destroyed by the emerald ash borer insect. This year in particular the loss is becoming quite evident. The foliage is entirely gone on most of them now; it has taken a few years for the last of the foliage to disappear. Now the […]