Mammoth Cave, Rotunda, Historical TOur

Mammoth Cave

I went into Mammoth Cave with one lens, no tripod and no flash. The one lens was the Tokina 11-15mm ultra wide angle lens. I set the ISO to 6400, as high as it would go; left the aperture wide open at f/2.8, set the focus manually on infinity, and the focal length to the […]

Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting

It’s nice to get away from home, to get a chance to capture something other than flowers and bugs. It’s even nicer to get away to a place that invigorates more than photography. We’re signing ‘Revive Us Again’ here. I don’t know if we mean it, because I’m not sure we have come to grips […]

Garden IR Ultrawide

Goldie Garden

We placed our new Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens on the Fuji IS Pro UVIR full spectrum camera today. I used a Tiffen #25 red filter, which effectively blocks 590nm an below. Full spectrum photographers call this the “Goldie” filter because of what it does to the green foliage in post-processing. The subject is busy, […]