Lily Pads in Infrared

Lily Pads in Infrared

Taken with a Fuji IS-Pro UVIR. 720nm IR pass filter. Post-processed with the red-blue channel swap procedure in Gimp. For a bigger version, see this picture in my Flickr gallery. Related articles Infrared Hawk Watch North Park Boat House IR Revisited Infrared photography with the Hoya R72 Beyond Visible: 100 Years Of Infrared Photographs

Mountaintop view at the Hawk Watch in false color

Infrared Hawk Watch

The view from the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is worth the trip whether you see hawks or not, especially on a perfect day like this one. Taken with a Fuji IS Pro UVIR DSLR. The camera is discontinued, but can still be purchased on Amazon at the moment. This was taken with a 590nm “Goldie” […]

Christmas Star, off color

Off Color Star

Christmas Star taken with unfiltered Fuji IS Pro UVIR camera. This camera as been modified to capture light from ultraviolet through infrared. If you want one, they can be still be found on Amazon occasionally. Normally one uses a filter with these, but today I left it unfiltered.

Harpersfield Bridge False Color

Harpersfield Covered Bridge

The Harpersfield Bridge is the third longest covered bridge in Ohio. The 1996 historical marker says “longest,” but a longer bridge was covered in 1998, and an even longer bridge was completed new in 2008. It was built in 1868 to cross the Grand River, so it has nearly century and a half lead on […]

Hartwood Mansion Dome, false color infrared

Hartwood Mansion in False Color

I visited Hartwood Mansion today with a #25 Red Tiffen Filter on a Fuji IS Pro UVIR full-spectrum camera. Hartwood mansion is at Hartwood Acres, a county park in northern Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. I have not spent much time at the mansion before, certainly not to photograph it. Post-processing for false-color was done with a […]

Marsh Marigold Cluster UV

Marsh Marigold Ultraviolet

I continue to work on my ultraviolet photography technique with a visit to marsh marigolds. Marsh marigolds were my first “successful” ultraviolet subject last year when I first tried my equipment. Marsh marigolds display very prominent nectar guides in UV. This time around I feel I have a better handle on taking such photographs. The […]

Infrared Dormer

After yesterday’s experiments with a ultraviolet filter, I took the infrared filter out for a spin. I was landlocked today, unable to get away from the house, so I took a picture of the house…and a wispy blue sky.