Infrared Dormer

IR-Dormer-BW-photomiser-com-1After yesterday’s experiments with a ultraviolet filter, I took the infrared filter out for a spin. I was landlocked today, unable to get away from the house, so I took a picture of the house…and a wispy blue sky.

The basic processing steps were to switch the red and blue channels in Pixelmator, then use the Color tool in Aperture to desaturate the blue a little to reduce the blue cast on the house. Subsequently I tinkered with Levels and a few other tools. It still has more blue in the house than I want, and not as much blue in the sky. But, after about 45 minutes I decided I had enough time invested. Time to cut rope.

The original image was taken on a Fuji IS Pro UVIR camera. The lens was the Nikon 18-55mm AF-S VR. The filter was a Polaroid 720nm IR-pass filter. This 720nm is a pretty strong filter as IR filters go, better for black and white, I think. I’m struggling to get interesting false-color images. I want to see two colors, not just “shades of blue” replacing “shades of gray” everywhere. For comparison, I created the black and white version by applying the blue-filter black-and-white Aperture preset.