Campfire under stars

Campfire Under the Milkyway

I spent the weekend out in the country with excellent night sky viewing. The family gathered around the campfire while the Milky Way glowed above us. The image was surprisingly easy. I set the ISO to 3200; the shutter speed was 15 seconds. I use the Tokina 11-16mm ultra wide angle lens. The lights and the fire are blown out and gave me some lens flare artifacts. Perhaps a split neutral density filter could have been of use next time. I also created a time-lapse. However, I find that it really needs to be as big as possible to see the stars do their thing, but I’m watching my bandwidth so it’s a tiny thing on youtube for now. For  time-lapse I use the Aputure Timer Camera Remote Shutter Cable 3N. It is an inexpensive but very capable alternative to absurdly-priced Nikon branded intervalometers. The video covers about two hours.

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