Yellow Crocus at Sunset

Crocus at Sunset

Unseasonable weather continues, but the yellow crocus is not impressed. It is keeping things to itself however. Only the absolute minimum opening is present. I caught this crocus in the setting sun. The sun has shone from time to time this week, though it tended to scoot behind the clouds when I got my camera out. Tonight I finally caught up with it–with minutes to spare. One advantage of the cold weather is that it has extended the blooming of the crocuses.

This image was taken with a Nikon D90. I used the Nikon 18-55mm AF-S VR. It focuses closely and is sharp. I have cropped this image fairly heavily. It still looks good even at 800 ISO, at least at this image size. In Aperture, I worked to get some detail back into the highlighted area. The biggest help was to reduce the exposure slightly, then use the Levels tool to rebalance the tones.

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