Deer Tick on pale skin

The Seacher

In my short journey across the yard this evening, I was joined by a fellow explorer. She was not much conversation. She was intent on her path, searching, searching, looking for just the right spot to set up camp a grab a bite to eat. That spot was, of course, going to be me. But not out in the open where I saw her. No, she prefers a more intimate location, with lots of cover and a soft bed. I’m sure I had plenty of suitable locations, as my personal history would indicate. Alas, she was waylaid in her quest. Detained, and ultimately dismissed in no uncertain terms. I am a patient man, willing to abide the company of many fellow travelers in my life journey. I draw a clear line, however, before those who wish to take more than they give, or worse, leave even more-unwanted friends behind.

Anyway, I chose this treatment to recall a wanderer crossing desert dunes. The camera was a Nikon D90; the  lens a Micro-Nikkor 60mm AF cranked out to maximum close focus. This tick was no bigger than a millimeter across!