McConnell's Mill in false color infrared

Blue Mill

McConnells Mill

McConnell’s Mill in 720nm Infrared. I am experimenting with desaturating the stone and wood. The color cast in these infrared shots can be difficult to deal with, especially when there’s not a deep contrast between different elements. The partly cloudy sky here flattened the light, casting everything blue. Well, blue after a channel swap. I think the spot desaturation is rather successful here. Furthermore, the deck of clouds helps define the trees, yet breaks enough to give a taste of a deep blue sky. Of course the real eye catcher here is that blue water. I also like the leading lines, which reward the viewer with a mother and child enjoying the water. Image taken with a Fuji IS Pro and a 720nm red filter. Lens was the Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm AF-S DX VR kit lens.